The Sports of Yore website was built using the WordPress platform. Its theme is a child of the Integer theme, designed by Dmitry Mayorov of ThemePatio.


The font for the Sports of Yore wordmark is Kool Beans, designed by Adam Nerland.

The font you see for headers and across the website is Aileron, designed by Sora Sagano.

The font used for body text on articles and pages is Libre Baskerville, designed by Impallari Type.

Featured images

The featured images located at the top of articles use pictograms from Wikimedia Commons. The pictograms have been designed by a multitude of artists. Some of the more prolific designers include Thadius856 and Parutakupiu.

Maloney the Cat

The logo you see across Sports of Yore social media accounts and the bottom right corner of the website is named after our cat, Maloney (here’s a picture of the real Maloney). The logo itself is a reworked design of Arthur Evans, who originally created the logo for Occidental College’s Oswald the tiger in the 1930s. The logo has since been used by Auburn, Louisiana State, and Pacific University.